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Week 3

I have learnt that there are actually misconceptions about inquiry-based. Before that, I would only think that there are misconceptions in scientific concepts. For instance, teachers thought that all science should be taught through student-directed inquiry, but actually it is not. Teachers could not fully let go of their responsibility in facilitating the students. Instead, they should provide sufficient help in students’ learning. The misconceptions have to be recognized in order to  learn Science efficiently. I found a website which outlines different types of misconceptions.

The one thing I need more improvement is that how to conduct an experiment. For today’s last activity, I have realized that I almost forgot what I have learnt in primary school or mainly because there was not much experiments conducted in my school. I am having difficulty in thinking of an experiment, but with the inputs given by my friends, I sort of get the idea and recap on what I have learnt before. The link provides various experiments with guideline which are useful.

Steps in teaching science

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I think that I can implement the science inquiry steps if I am to teach science in the future. I always like something that is step by step so that I can go through each of them explicitly. For example, the science inquiry provides procedural methods in teaching the students, it provides us as teachers a guideline in teaching science effectively.